A Guide to Hair Loss

A lot of people in the world are experiencing a problem of hair fall which results to hair loss. There are many factors that cause hair loss. Knowing these factors can help ensure that you don't lose hair. The following paragraphs are some of the primary causes:

The leading cause of hair loss is hormonal complication. Thyroid gland disease has become the culprit of this problem, once it is under active or overactive; hair loss is the possible effect of this imbalance. Every time the male hormones, androgen and estrogen, for the female, are out of balance, losing hair begins. The good news for this is that such possible factor can be treated by regulating the hormonal levels of thyroid but it may take sooner or later.

Few months after birth delivery, most women experience hair loss issues. This is also a hormonal problem since throughout the pregnancy of a woman, a production of particular hormone with high levels keeps the hair before it normally comes off. Consequently, as the woman go backs to pre-pregnancy levels so as the hormones will return, making the hair fall out then afterwards, normal hair growth will start over again.

Another factor that could result to hair loss are the intake and use of medicines. Such are drugs that contain sulfur to the content. In addition, treatment of blood clots, also known as anticoagulants, anticancer drugs for chemotherapy, drugs for gout problems, antidepressant drugs, too much vitamin A intake and contraceptives like birth control pills are considered to produce great hair fall. But once a person will gradually stop taking the aforementioned, hair fall will also cease to occur.

Furthermore, going through general operation or might have suffered a long term illness is another cause of hair loss. This is somewhat temporary only as it is only related to stress, so once stress is controlled, hair will go back to normal rebirth.

A fungal infection causes hair loss too. This can be treated by using anti-fungal medications usually treated topically. Children are prone to this as they are commonly the one who gets fungal infection in the scalp from scratching it unconsciously.

Lastly, hair fall is part of an underlying illness like diabetes, for instance. The early symptoms of this disease is hair loss, thus, it is vital to have a consultation so that a person don't lose hair intensely. Learn more at http://dontlosehair.com.

These factors mentioned above are mostly the main cause of hair loss of a person. There are some that are not mentioned in this article as they are not too common in the society. You don't lose hair if you just know how to prevent such problem.

You can find out more about hair loss by visiting http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alopecia_areata.